The more time I spent driving, the more I realized that what really drove me crazy wasn't traffic, bad drivers or even screaming kids. It was "Bag Dump." Watching helplessly as the contents of my purse spilled onto the floor whenever I turned or applied the brakes left me frustrated and annoyed.

But it wasn't just my purse that cascaded off the seat. The same thing happened with takeout food, grocery bags with egg cartons, my laptop bag, important papers, school projects – the list never ended. It was all I could do not to lose it!

My sympathetic friends shared countless horror stories of their own toppled bags. It was then that I began to understand how universally vexing this problem was… so I set out to solve it and help us all reclaim our sanity.

There weren't any viable options: car hooks secured the bag so high on the seat that access was too limited. The center console was never big enough for my bag, and if I put it on the floor it was too far out of reach. I made wild promises to myself to use the passenger seat belt to secure my bag, then never followed through.

Like so many women, I often needed to get into my bag while driving, so putting it in the trunk or back seat wouldn't work. I never closed my bag, leaving no obvious safeguard against the inevitable slide, flip and dump. I began to experiment with ways of connecting the handle of my purse to the passenger seat headrest, even visiting Army/Navy surplus stores on a mission to find different buckles and clips.

I envisioned a product so quick and easy to use that I could do it with only one hand because I often got in my car juggling keys, bag, drink, phone, etc. A carabiner was the perfect fastener: it could easily click onto both the headrest post and my bag strap.

I used my time in the carpool queue to refine my plan and create the cheeky Handbag Handcuff® name, which in turn inspired the design.

Still, function was half of the story… it had to look stylish, too. I selected vinyl, a cruelty-free fabric that is hip, could wipe clean and wouldn't fade in the sun. Finally, I consulted with a number of experts to determine what combination of fabric and materials would make Handbag Handcuff® durable plus feel luxurious.

There were many, many other steps, the result of which is the one and only HANDBAG HANDCUFF®. I'm really proud of it, and I hope you love using your HANDBAG HANDCUFF® as much as I love using mine.

Thank you,

Beth Corets




Founded in 2009, BACOR, Inc., is a Los Angeles-based company which developed and patented Handbag Handcuff®. BACOR, Inc. oversees its Asia-based manufacturing. BACOR, Inc. is growing its brand while expanding to select retail locations.

  • It is like a bike lock for my backpack. I cuff my backpack to my desk in the library so I don't have to carry everything with me into the stacks when I do my research.

    Stephanie K.